Sunday, January 10, 2010


How come people's most irritating features become their signature behavior that with time we actually miss? The only answer I could find is that the behavior sneaks into our routine and we get used to it. David Ben Gurion kept eating Paula's 'kuch-much' after she died to remember her

Don't we hate our routine (but sometimes also miss it)? Don't we always wish we could change it and do what we want? Turns out that what we want is just a different routine. Most people can't afford to change their routine completely (except for the courageous or those who won the lottery), but introduce one or two enjoyable activities in your daily routine and watch for Pareto to take effect. 

So easy to advise others...

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Johnny said...

Even when we sort of hate our routine, sometimes it gives us a sense of security and comfort. I also think there's difference between a routine we hate and a routine we love. I just love the petting-my-cat routine, I can do it every day for free and without remorse :) The key may lie in what we get in return for the routine. As for going to the same work place every day, it's a routine that even the non-routine people may crave for sometimes, for a while, just to have a better sense of security and familiarity with the everyday reality. For those who seek change, Obama said it more than once: “Yes we can”, so it may be possible to break a routine if only we could conceive a good plan for change; a plan that would be able to face reality.