Friday, January 22, 2010

C2H Index

No wonder you don't know what it means, I just made it up. It means Contribution to Humankind Index. There are lots of indices that rank states and people: GDP/capita, credit rating, academic papers and Nobel prize winners, sport achievements and many, many more. So one more can do no harm. All we need to do is associate a weight to any actions states take and calculate a weighted average. Starting an unjust war to conquer a neighbor state would give a state -100 points or some other negative number that takes into account the number of injured, dead and ruined facilities. Polluting rivers, seas, deforestation, violating human rights etc., would also give some negative number. Scientific achievements and humanitarian aid would give a positive number. You got the idea. The criteria need to be set by the UN (in endless debates, what else?) and the results continuously publicized. A true mirror to our world that will ultimately improve it.

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Mary-Alison said...

"Starting an unjust war to conquer a neighbor state" is a criteria that is hard to validate- because of the versatile nature of the "unjust".