Sunday, October 6, 2013

Accelerating Technological Change - Impact on Humans

There are many theories and discussions about accelerating technological change. However, one point is clearly under-discussed: the impact of this insane ride on individual health and happiness, and human society.

The need to stay updated and constantly reinvent ourselves to stay ahead is clearly taking its toll and will eventually backlash. People already refuse to be constantly online and reachable, don't check their mails every minute or update their status on social media apps, prefer real over virtual, local over global. Will people compromise on wealth for a better work-life balance? 

Some already do and more will follow. We'll see alternative lifestyles (Amish-style, ecological?), social structures (eradicate social injustice of immensely rich vs. dirt poor) and employment models (balance overworked with unemployed, new forms of cooperatives?). What will happen in countries wealthy enough to offer their citizens a modest living without the need to work and work as we know it today will be optional?

Here is an interesting article I recommend (with thanks to Ilan F).