Friday, April 27, 2012

Independence 2012

1. Good News
Tom got an excellence award for outstanding IDF service, a good enough reason to take a day off and go all the way to Zfat for attending the ceremony. With just a short coffee break at Alonim, we managed to get there on time for the modest but meaningful moment. After the ceremony we had lunch at nearby Bat Yaar ranch, visited Baram National Park, took a short walk in the Baram Forest and ended the day with coffee and cake at best friends in Karmiel.

2. Memorial Day
My Zionist activity for Memorial Day 2012 was watching two Israeli movies: Beaufort and Late Marriage. There is something good going on in the Israeli movie industry during the last ~12 years.

3. Independence Feelings
Looked at my balcony decorated with flags, watched the fireworks and felt grateful for living in Israel. I will never take this for granted.