Saturday, August 9, 2008

Side Story 1 - Language Choice

While you are eager to read on about my Romanian holiday, the question of the language of my blog probably crossed your mind. I speak 4 languages and English was the 3rd I encountered. How? When a was a 5th grader (Junior High) in the then 275-years old school called Liceul de Filologie si Istorie in Oradea, a new English teacher, Bucsa Corina (later Cotreantu after her husband), fresh out of univeristy, came to teach us. She was our classmaster too. I immediatley fell in love with English and decided to become an English teacher (which never happened). I still remember the cover of my first English textbook with the Big Ben on it (in communist gray).

Some of my friends and relatives speak Hungarian (my mother tongue), some only Romanian, and some, Hebrew. Most of them (especially the young) speak some level of English, which seems to be a common denominator.

Which language is spoken by the largest number of people on Earth? Not Chinese, as you would immagine, but Bad English. So this blog is also in [hopefully not so] Bad English. The problem is not the complex grammatical issues (such as present perfect or the many irregularities in English grammar), but a somewhat limited vocabulary.

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