Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eva in Arad

We met Eva at Budapest airport, so we had the entire time in the car to tell and listen to family stories. The once slow border passthroguh beuraucracy, took us just a few minutes at Nadlac and after a few hours of driving we got to Arad, where Ioana, Eva's youngest daughter was waiting for us. Ioana is a bright young woman and if you happen to know Romanian, you can read her blog here.

The city of Arad has nothing interesting to offer to tourists, but if you are already there, walk alongside the Mures and enter into one of the many restaurants located in the 'strand'. The park, close to the market, features a hystoric monument and a piazza.

Now that we got the 'sites' out of the way, I can go into some personal details. My cousin Eva, a recently retired French teacher, lives opposite the synangogue in her parents' house with what she calls the zoo. It consists of the old and rather smelly dog called Max, a cat and her kittens. The house needs serious maintenance, but it has a nice little garden where she grows all sorts of spices. She told me stories about our family, stories that I was not aware of as they happened when I was a child or before I was born.

So, let's continue to our next station, Oradea, and see how some of these stories unfold.

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