Friday, August 15, 2008

The Next Generation

Despite the negative picture some journalists are trying to draw in our minds and despite the lack of statistical evidence, my feeling is that the next generation (the teenagers of today) are much better than we are in many aspects.

They were raised in a much more challenging environment, with so many more possibilities to develop interests, hobbies, express themselves, research alone and make friends. The most amazing thing is how they grasp the reality, how they quickly understand underlying social mechanisms, even though they sit for hours in front of their computers. I guess it depends what they do with it.

Insights that took me years of life experience and studies to attain, they grasp in their twenties, they manage amazing projects and volunteer to better our world. They don't rush to start their work life early (as we were educated to do), they understand that work life is long and tiring, so they take their time and have fun as they go along.

They travel much more than we did, see places, have different experiences and constantly compare and analyze. They appreciate art and good humor and even fancy restaurants and gourme food.

I know there are shirkers, lazy and dumb teenagers, but luckily my world is filled with the other kind.

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