Friday, June 18, 2010

Racist Segregation

I'm referring to the recent Supreme Court ruling following the on-going racist segregation in Emanuel. Reading about the differences between the two groups, instantly reminded me of the High Heels and Low Heels in Jonathan's Swift's Gulliver's Travels. Some people argue that we should not allow racist segregation in public schools, funded by tax payers' money. I say we should not allow it in private schools either.

But are we really that different than the 'lesser' others? Genetically, all humans belong to the homo sapiens sapiens species and there are no genetic differences between the 'races'. What makes us different is our cultural context. Different, not better. If one must be judgmental, then he/she should do so on in individual basis, not a collective one.

It's so easy to find differences. My mother and mother in law (God bless their memory) used to have this ritual conversation about a Hungarian dish called káposztás kocka (square-shaped pasta with cabbage). "Oh, you eat this with sugar, how interesting. We make it with salt and pepper". In this case, I can't even argue that pornography (or taste) is a matter of geography, as they lived in the same city, on different banks of the same river.

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