Saturday, June 26, 2010

Football World Cup

For me football is just 22 men chasing a ball. And when they reach the ball, they kick it! How logical! It is also a game, taken way too seriously by some. But most of all it's a huge business. For years I was outraged by the money some football players make, while they can't put 2 straight sentences together.

This year I changed my mind. I decided that professional football is, um... a profession. I just realized that stupidity and narrow mindedness can be found in many other professions, it's not a football exclusive. There are stupid waiters, carpenters, lawyers, actors, engineers, musicians and dentists and there are clever ones too. So the new way I'm going to look at football players is good old supply and demand. They have an ability in high demand, that's why they make the money they do. Suddenly, playing football looks like any other legitimate career.

Panem et circenses. There's nothing new under the sun.

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Miriam Drori said...

Fine. I just wish they wouldn't create so much "buzz".