Saturday, April 17, 2010


Do you realize that right, in English, means the opposite of both left and wrong? Same in Hungarian. The name of their neo-Nazi party, Jobbik, is not only an acronym of Jobboldali Ifjúsági Közösség ("Right-wing Youth Community"), but a word on its own, meaning "the better one". In the recent elections, Jobbik gained entry into parliament for the first time after winning 16.71% of votes. Hungarian Jews say the atmosphere, narrative, colors, uniforms, marching and antisemitic incidents are like pre-WWII. They didn't believe then anything bad will happen to them and they don't believe now. 
According to their spokesman, getting on the first plane to Israel doesn't solve the problem, but they expect Israel to help. Although I'm sure Israel will help as much as it can, but preventing any single antisemitic manifestation is a somewhat unrealistic expectation. IMHO, the solution is getting on that plane. 'So you think that being nuked by Ahmadinejad in Tel Aviv is better than being attacked by a Hungarian neo-Nazi in Budapest?' asks my friend A.
Short answer: yes.
Long answer: The reason I chose to be an Israeli taxpaying citizen rather than a wealthier American or Canadian one is to maintain this country for Jews who wish to come. Don't wait to be shot into the Danube.

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