Friday, April 23, 2010

Dishwasher Woes

You know those annoying people who wash their dishes before inserting them into their dishwasher? Or those who don't put pots and pans into it? Heaven forbid the poor dishwasher should work too hard...

I had on old Siemens that needed too many repairs lately, so we declared it defunct. Eli, the technician, came this morning and took it away for spare parts. Because we liked it, we bought a new Siemens dishwasher. The inside of the new one has more features, but it's less user-friendly. For example, the additional shelf for knives does not open completely so it's inconvenient to push a piece under it, in the corner.

The machine came with a booklet that shows, among other things, how to load it. Unless you are German, you will find it hard to believe they actually tell you where to put each piece, depending on the type of food that was in it. Also, the cutlery basket has a lid with individual holes for each piece and a picture shows where to place spoons, forks, teaspoons, each one in its dedicated place. Knives have their own individual rails in the top rack. I can imagine the clever Siemens engineers applying all that calculus to determine the perfect angle for each piece to get the optimal exposure to water and detergent and the right space between the pieces based on their shape and hight for best results. With all due respect, I hereby solemnly declare I have absolutely no intention of loading my dishwasher according to your instructions. Why? Because my ID expires before I place every teaspoon in its own little hole. 

In your effort to give us the best results, you forgot that machines should make our lives easier and not the other way around.

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Miriam said...

Ha-ha! Sounds as if an over-eager technical writer could have been at work there.