Saturday, February 20, 2010

Self-definition vs. Reality

Lately, my chorus decided to put up a new website and all the singers were asked to write a short bio, 1-2 sentences describing us. This is mine: 'Apart from singing, juggles between a high-tech job, spoiling the men in her life and blogging her opinions.' I wasn't sure this is a good self-definition, until this Thursday's events.

Tom and I decided that after my therapy in the morning, I call him to to check his location (he was supposed to be on his way home from the base) and if he is less than 30 minutes away, I return home, wait for him, have breakfast together and then leave for the office. This arrangement worked successfully in the past. I called as soon as I left the clinic, but there was no answer. After a few trials I gave up and headed to work. I thought he fell asleep on the bus and hoped someone will wake him up on time.

After about half an hour in the office, my phone rings and shows an unknown caller ID. Tom was on the line. He forgot his phone in the base (asked a passerby to use his cellphone), got home and couldn't find his key.  I'm having a deja vu.  He asks me to come and rescue him (as if I have a choice). Half an hour later, rescue squad 669, aka mom, lets him in and makes him breakfast. Noticed he coughs and has a sore throat. Gave him Vitamin C, instructions for lunch and left for work. Again. After work, instead of going to the gym as planned, went to a nearby supermarket and bought ingredients for chicken soup, aka the ultimate Jewish medicine. Came home and made him soup. "It makes me feel better", he says slurping from his bowl. I'm melting away.

Tom: "Will there be a time when I will rescue you?"
Me: "Hope not."

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