Saturday, February 27, 2010

Illnesses and Grandchildren

My blog is usually triggered by some event or thought that come to me during the week. During the past week I caught a nasty cold and felt really bad. Although it's very tempting to describe all my symptoms and gain loads of compassion, I won't do it. Why? Because nobody is really interested in other people's illnesses. Besides, only old people and maybe hypochondriacs talk about their illnesses.

My late mother in law's favorite subject whenever she met another older lady -whatever the occasion- was discussing constipation remedies. Need I say more?

Israeli songwriter Naomi Shemer had a group of fellow grandmother friends, that used to convene at one of the Tel Aviv cafes. The rule of the group was that each woman is allowed to mention only one illness and one grandchild during each meeting.

Have a healthy week!

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JoRehovot said...

Have to remember that rule when I become a grandmother.