Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pillar of Defense Moments

I live in the center of the country, reachable only by Hamas's long range rockets. When I first heard the siren (alarm) going on, I was next to a big glass door (a big non-no when things are about to explode). I couldn't believe my ears and staid put. Next times I went into inner rooms or staircases.

One alarm caught us while walking in the park, with nowhere to hide. After the siren, we saw two Iron Dome missiles heading towards the Hamas rockets and one interception. If it wouldn't be deadly, we could have enjoyed the fireworks.

My end of the operation: a young reservist in a TV news piece talking into his mobile phone; "Mom, I'm coming home now".

Hamas is more interested in destroying our lives than bettering their own people's life claiming that Israel is the cause of their situation by its sheer existence. No solution.

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