Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Special Wedding

Seven years ago, Tali, the daughter of our best friends, brought her boyfriend Alex to a friends' picnic. Most of us pretty much ignored the boy, thinking there will probably be other, more serious boyfriends. Besides, he didn't speak Hungarian - a major deficiency in our group. Yesterday we attended their wedding.

Special wedding is almost an oxymoron. Weddings tend to follow patterns: the rabbi trying to humor up the ceremony with witty comments, people, food, music and dancing. So what made Tali and Alex's wedding so lovely? Nice location (a kibbutz garden in the North not prohibitively far away from us), not too many people (pleasant schmoozing with old acquaintances), not too much food, in short, just the right balance of everything. At some point we even had the bride and groom sitting and eating at our table for a few precious moments.

Wishing this couple a long and happy life together, good health and prosperity.

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