Friday, August 6, 2010

I Don't Get It

I don't consider myself a bad person, occasionally I even consider myself a good person, but there is something I really don't get when it comes to the issue of deporting or not the children of foreign workers. I am not even at the stage of taking sides, I simply don't understand why is this an issue. Children are in their parents' custody and go wherever their parents go. If and when their parents leave, they should take their children with them. While the parents are allowed to stay, so are their children. While here, the children should get all the benefits Israeli kids do, such as free schooling. If an illegal worker with a child in school is caught and ordained for deportation, the authorities should delay the deportation until school year ends.

We should make the children's stay here as pleasant as possible. With good memories of Israel they may become Israel advocates.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erika
I absolutely agree with you and find our treatment of the children of foreign workers, shameful. On the other hand, our dependence on foreigners and the whole issue of migrant workers, is fraught with problems and somehow there seem to be no good solutions.
Sharon Bacher