Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Less Is More

I was invited to a wedding reception - coffee and cake at 7:30 PM - an unusual combination of the time of the day and food served. Coffee and cake is perfect around 5 PM, but 7:30 is dinner time. After the Tiramisu (see my previous post) I had after lunch I could not even think of more food that day, let alone something sweet. All I had was a cup of coffee, so for me it was in fact perfect.

A usual wedding reception consists of a 4- or 5-course dinner and there is usually way too much food. Same is true for many other types of social gathering. It's time to start a trend of health food in moderate quantities at parties, receptions, etc. Although Israeli hotel breakfast buffets are well known for their abundance and eating frenzy, the breakfast at the Dead Sea hotel I last visited started to show signs of refinement. 

People also have too many cloths, bedding sets, towels, and stuff in general. It's immodest and I disapprove it. 

Less is more.


Mary-Alison said...

What is "too many" for each category? Five, nine, thirteen..?

David Klein said...

In general, western society/America seems to promote the gathering of as much as possible, a quasi status of "wealth". Meaning, does one person really need 5 billion dollars? Or have we lost the concept of what is really important in life?

Erika Yanovich said...

Mary-Alison: Example for bedding sets: 3 for winter and 3 for summer - 1 in use, 1 in the wash and 1 spare.

David: I couldn't agree more.

Mary-Alison said...

Yes, that seems very reasonable to me. At least that's what we have in our home.

Anonymous said...

People have household linens, towels, etc. according to the size of their families and their own personal preferences. What's a lot for one, may be too little for another. I can't really see why it's got anything to do with immodesty.