Saturday, February 7, 2009

Caesar's Revenge

Years ago, while studying towards my BBA, one of the students, Michael, an accountant for Ceasar Stone, makers of artificial marble for countertops and alike, told me they've developed new glittering colors that include little pieces of mirror. 'But they don't fit your refined taste', he added. He was right. Not only didn't I like glitter, but I also didn't like artificial materials. Years later, as if they heard me, they developed the Concetto collection from semi-precious stones that look wonderful backlit.

With time, me and my taste became less conservative. Instead of dismissing glitter, I learned to combine it with opaques to get great design effects. So, when planning my new kitchen, I decided to go for white cupboards and red Ceasarstone countertop. Last week, when the man came to take measurements before cutting, he asked me what color I ordered. 'Red', I told him. 'The glittering red?' he asked in disbelief. 'Yes', I replied. 'What are you, Georgian or Bukharan?' came the "tactful" question. (The subtext for my non-Israeli readers: only Georgian and Bukharan immigrants like tasteless glittering colors, in this person's view.)
I wonder why people who don't even know me expect me to have what they call refined taste. They don't even know I'm a Virgo...


Aurelia said...

Oh, well, and here's someone you know who doesn't mind a 'bit of bling', a bit of glitz and sparkle as we might call it in my adoptive home these days...and my tastes might not be as 'refined' but hey, what would life be without its colour ? Therefore I salute you for your choice of worktop... :-))
Rely (who's not blogging yet, but maybe she should as she has so much to say sometimes.....) :-)) xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,
Noticed on Facebook that you have a blog and I'm quite enjoying myself reading it. Just wanted you to know that I also have (off)white kitchen cabinets and the red sparkly Caesarstone!