Saturday, September 6, 2008

What Is This Blog Not About

A few days ago, I fiddled with my blog settings and, among others, I added the subtitle 'Erika's Point of View about Anything and Everything'. Well, almost. I hate 'cool' marketing blogs, written by companies (I actually know someone who makes a living out of this) and blogs that are meant to showcase an individual for marketing purposes (same idea). I am not marketing anything, just expressing my own thoughts.

Being an Israeli, I am almost expected to take [political] sides and do Israel advocacy or bashing. Won't do either. I leave politics to politicians (that's what I pay them for). Israel advocacy is done by many, more experienced and talented, individuals and organizations. Israel bashing I won't do not because everything here is perfect, but because one doesn't wash her dirty laundry in public. I love Israel because of my zionist upbringing and I am thankful for giving me the opportunity for a better life (by paying ransome among other things). My thanks are materialized by being an honest tax paying citizen and raising my children in the same spirit. But as I said, loving Israel does not mean I'm blind to its flaws.
With all the difficulties I went through when moving here and starting anew (not even knowing the alphabet and feeling illiterate, to give just one small example), I would not renounce -for anything in the world- the experience of being part of such an amazing people, for good and bad. I cannot possibly imagine myself being born in a small Scottish village (for eaxample), living there my entire life and dying. Then, some 6000 years later, some archeologist finding my bones and determining I was related to a person currently living in the same village.

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